Stone Options for Your Bathroom Countertops

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Bathroom countertops; there’s a lot to think about. Whether you’re about to complete a bathroom renovation or seeking a home with attractive yet durable amenities, deciding which material to use for your bathroom countertops can be challenging. From stone and solid surface to laminate and even crushed glass, a range of options are available. 

The best choice for you is based on what you’re looking for. Should your bathroom countertops stand the test of time? Create an upscale ambiance? Compliment an existing aesthetic? Ahead, we’ll discuss the top four stone options for your bathroom countertops and share why they’re the incomparable choice over solid surface alternatives. 

Top Stone Options For Bathroom Countertops 

Stone options are easily the best selections for your bathroom countertops. Conveying notes of luxury, no two slabs of granite, marble, or quartzite look exactly alike. Additionally, stone bathroom countertops will last for years and increase the resale value of your home should you decide to move. Let’s delve into the four best stone options for your bathroom countertops. 


A beautiful choice – quartz is one of the most long-lasting and attractive options for stone countertops in your bathroom. Various colors and styles are available, with coloring appearing more uniform than a natural stone alternative. 

Quartz is less porous than other natural stone bathroom countertops. Additionally, it boasts excellent resale value and can be fabricated to accommodate various shapes, such as custom-shaped sinks. Scroll to the end to see an exciting announcement about quartz.


Enduring and beautiful – this material is derived from quartz and other minerals like mica and feldspar, which provide a distinct color and texture. The veining in quartzite slabs emit a similar appearance to luxurious marble and is ideal for high-traffic areas like bathrooms. 

Quartzite can scratch or stain if not properly sealed. A pH-neutral cleanser can aid in resealing and keep its unique colors from fading over time.


Lovely and durable – granite bathroom countertops will stand firm against moisture, heat, scratches, and stains. Granite is easy to maintain, requiring only periodic sealing to protect against the elements. Its non-porous material means bacteria and microorganisms commonly found in restrooms will struggle to penetrate the surface. 

At Stone Central, we offer a variety of granite colors and patterns. One of which is sure to complement the your bathroom. Installing granite bathroom countertops in your home can also increase resale value, as granite is frequently viewed as a luxury material. 


Timeless and elegant – marble bathroom countertops contribute to a sophisticated aesthetic while resisting the scratches and stains inherent to bathroom use. While granite is a more durable option, marble is a tough alternative, resistant to hot hair styling tools and other heated objects. 

Compared to granite, marble has fewer color options and requires slightly more maintenance. This is true especially if it is located in a high-traffic bathroom. Depending on your goals, marble might be best suited for a guest bathroom. That said, marble can add significant value to your home, and you can clean it easily using soap and water. Of course, be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals.

Stone Bathroom Countertops Outshine Solid Surface Alternatives 

In almost every facet, stone materials like quartz, granite, marble, and quartzite maintain an edge over solid surface materials. While solid surface countertops enjoyed popularity years ago (think Corian), they are now positioned between laminate at the lower end and stone at the premium end of the materials spectrum. 

Appearance and Diversity 

You may have heard a contractor or purveyor mention “seams” when it comes to countertops. These are the visible boundaries where two sections of countertop material converge; they are generally made by bonding two pieces of slab with an adhesive, then smoothing it over to create a “seamless” appearance. 

With stone countertops, such as quartz, the seams are barely visible. Solid surfaces, while generally maintaining the same level of visibility, give off a less refined appearance than stone. If you’re looking for bathroom countertops that create an ethereal and classic aura, stone will be your best choice over solid surface. 

Heat and Scratch Resistance 

Stone materials like quartz have a higher heat resistance than solid surface materials. Your hair straightener might be potent enough to warp the shape of a solid surface countertop in your bathroom. 

While we can’t imagine you’ll be doing much slicing and dicing on your bathroom countertops, there is always the risk of accidental scratching. Stone countertops like quartz tend to be significantly more scratch-resistant than solid surface materials and can be easily buffed using polish. Solid surface options damage more quickly, as they are softer compared to stone.

Cost of Bathroom Countertops

Stone and solid surface countertops may vary in price but are generally comparable, with stone having only a slightly higher price point.

With such similarity in pricing, it’s a simple choice to opt for stone over solid surface bathroom countertops. The range of unique patterns, elegant appearance, and long-lasting durability make it worth the price. And, we predict that stone’s appeal as a bathroom countertops option will only continue to attract potential homebuyers and delight existing homeowners. 

To learn more about which stone material may work best with your plans, reach out to us here at Stone Central. Our family-owned business fabricates quartz, quartzite, granite, quartz and marble in downtown Summerville, SC.

We are also an authorized dealer for Cambria quartz. A limited dealer in the tri-county area, Cambria produces some of the finest countertops in the world. Authorization requires a track record of providing only the highest quality products to customers, and Stone Central is thrilled to have Cambria’s endorsement of its commitment to exceptional service.


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