Career Day at School

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Career Day at School

Career day at school goes a little something like this.

“Would you like to come speak about your profession at our school’s Career Day,” my daughter’s teacher asks.  I thought, “Well, why not?!?! I LOVE what I do!”.

This is exactly how I felt and still do more than ten years later.  Let me tell you why….

Why I Love What I Do

Granite Changes Things – for the Better

My {then} fiancé was working with a friend who had started a granite business, and my parents wanted new countertops.  So, here comes the team to the rescue.  My mom had selected a speckled granite to be put in her kitchen.  She’d had the ‘butcher block’ looking laminate for years and to think this new top was going to do anything different, well….boy  was I WRONG!!!  When granite was installed, her whole kitchen took on a brand new look. It was not just an updated looked, but a higher end look.  It was breath-taking and exciting. 

My First Career

My work career began while I was attending college.  My professional background was in the customer service industry.  I had worked for a large discount retailer for over ten years and truly enjoyed the interaction with people. The constantly changing availability of new items and the excitement of ‘new finds’ customers shared with me at the checkout was exciting to me.  This was what I thought I would do—forever! 

I mean, shoot, I had already worked my way up from part-time associate to being a Store Manager and thought I would be with them forever.  While I appreciate the life lessons learned with them, times changed.  It was time to close that chapter and move on to the next.  Little did I know that change would involve working with my husband and his friend at selling countertops. 

My Countertop Career

Countertops—never thought I would enjoy selling those.  I was used to setting up apparel displays and changing out front ends.  Selling a high-end household item was not in my repertoire.   But the thing is, I LOVE interacting with people.  When I realized I could combine the customer service piece of a job along with working with my husband, I jumped at the opportunity.  This would be fun!!

Now spring forward ten years later… I STILL get to work with my husband every day.  I get to be the reason a customer’s breathe is taken away as they stand in awe of the gorgeous environment in which they wash dishes and do life with their family in their home.  I get to be a part of THAT experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

So “YES! I’ll come speak at Career Day,” I replied.


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– Bonni