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DIFF Charitable Eyewear and Stone Central

DIFF Charitable Eyewear.  I’d never heard of them {either}, until recently.  And by recently, I mean I had a customer tell me that the company reached out to her about shooting a commercial in her BEAUTIFUL kitchen where Stone Central had installed her countertops!!  Talk about exciting!!

Countertops by Stone Central

Why DIFF Charitable Eyewear is ‘Different’

Every pair of DIFF glasses sold helps to provide the gift of sight to someone in need through eye exams, glasses, medicine, and surgery. In 4 years, DIFF has been able to provide over 1.2 million people with the reading glasses they need and in these past 4 years, they have learned that they can do even more than donate solely reading glasses. Check out their website for more info.

Thanks, Instagram

DIFF Eyewear found her newly constructed home on Instagram and reached out to her about using her home as the back drop to their latest and greatest commercial for their glasses.  How cool, right?!?!

Watch the DIFF Eyewear Commercial with Stone Central Countertops Here

DIFF came to Charleston, shot the commercial and it aired in 2019.  But the coolest part {to me} is the fact the zoom lens on the camera had our countertops in the background (2 seconds into the commercial)!!  Let me share with you some of the awesome things we did in her home as Stone Central ‘firsts’.

Stone Central Firsts

We were privileged to be given the opportunity to work with this homeowner’s custom builder on this project.  First, the kitchen had a waterfall island.  A waterfall island has the two ends of the stone (top and side) wrapped to the floor.  This custom technique has one continuous flow making it appear that the stone was made in this shape. 

We also mitered the interior legs of the island so you never see the actual underneath side of the slab.  This is done by joining two pieces of stone cut at 45-degree angles to form a 90-degree angle.  Additionally, we carried the same stone to be the full height splash above the range which then, in turn, was back-lit.  It was such a special touch, and the homeowner was thrilled!! 

Bathrooms, Too

The vanities in the home were custom, also!!  In her powder bathroom, she had a ‘free-floating’ vanity on the wall that we mitered at a 10” apron on three sides.  The builder provided the substrate to which the stone was installed giving an appearance of a seamless piece.  Three other vanities in the house incorporated a mitered edge in some way, and the two master vanities had a 6” ‘band’ at the base of the cabinet.  It was a very unique custom design.  The guest vanity included what appeared to be a free-floating shelf under the sink top. 

Full Circle

And to top it off, I took my annual New Year’s Day shopping trip to Dillard’s where I found and purchased my first pair of DIFF sunglasses.  Now I get to be part of that style.  Funny how things come full-circle…..

The design, touches and overall appearance of this project are what you see in national design magazines, and Stone Central was privileged to play an important role in this amazing project here in Charleston!


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– Bonni