Why Natural Stone and Not Quartz?

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Why Natural Stone and Not Quartz

Whether or not you believe in a ‘higher’ power or in my case, God, it’s impossible to look at natural stone and not be in ‘AWE’ of its beauty!

When I started selling stone over ten years ago, I was knowledgeable about natural stone, granite, marbles and some limestones.  When the quartz industry started taking off, I was hesitant. 

How is Quartz Different?

The availability of colors and looks reminded me of a lot of Brazilian granites and the ‘replicating’ of the quartz wasn’t nearly as pretty as the real stuff.  And let’s be real, it just looked fake!

Quartz countertops are man made. And while they consist of 90% quartz (a natural material), the remainder of the countertop is composed of resins, polymers, and various pigments. Therefore, Quartz is a durable artificial surface without pores or cracks.

Once the quartz industry was able to produce more designs and replicate more marbles, I became interested.  The industry was catching up to technology, or vice versa…. depending on how you look at it?!?!  Either way, it was a win-win!

What About Price?

Customers who were not able or not willing to pay high prices for real marble in the past, were able to do so now for a fraction of the price.  This was HUGE! 

For example, White Carrara marble is a classic and beautiful marble.  There is a plethora of this marble evidenced in Europe both inside and outside of buildings.  Any ‘imperfections’ now seen by most people are accepted and appreciated as characteristics of the marble. 

That’s how I feel, too. The weathering as well as the wear and tear the stone has endured shows the durability one may anticipate.   

Misconceptions About Natural Stone

However, some homeowners are hesitant to put natural stone in their homes due to a misconception of it being ‘high-maintenance.’  Well is that REALLY the case?!?!  I think if your sales person educates and qualifies a customer, there should not be any concern. 

This misconception was massively shared years ago when quartz was introduced to the industry.  This may be a result of the seller wanting to have the users need the product(s) they were selling for maintenance.

Sealing the countertops is not a major production.  It’s a simple ‘wax on, wax off’ {NOT literally that way} technique with the correct product.  This technique along with daily care allows your natural stone to stay beautiful for years to come. 

Natural Stone – In Conclusions

In conclusion, I would say I am slightly biased to the beauty of natural stone because of its unique beauty and just that.  NOT every slab is alike and to me—that is absolutely okay. 

When I look at my own kitchen countertop and see the ‘imperfections’, I don’t fret over those, but rather stand in AWE of how {my} God created this masterpiece. 


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– Bonni