Stonework for Outdoor Living

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Ready to turn your backyard into a luxurious retreat? The key to peak outdoor living is elegant stonework. Granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite each bring their own unique charm and advantages to your outdoor spaces. These robust materials are a perfect blend of durability and beauty – just what your yard needs to ‘wow’ at the next barbecue.

Outdoor Kitchens That Sizzle

Nothing says ‘summertime’ like an outdoor kitchen, and stone is a lasting choice for its decor. Here are a few ideas if you’re looking to install stone in your outdoor cooking area:

  • Stone countertops:  Both granite and quartzite are excellent for this. They’ll resist the heat, spills, and scratches that come with outdoor cooking. They’ll even stand up to hot pots and pans being placed directly on them. For the best long-term value, be sure to maintain a honed finish. This will keep the surface smooth and easy-to-clean.
  • Stone accents: Use granite for a beautiful backsplash or surround your grill with stone for a sophisticated look. For unique visual interest, consider a mosaic backsplash using smaller granite or quartzite pieces in contrasting colors.

It may be appealing to use marble outdoors because it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful stones. While you can use marble for yard improvements, its installment in outdoor areas should be avoided. Marble is a ‘soft’ stone that stains easily and is more likely to etch or even crack due to weather exposure.

Poolside Perfection

Stonework for Outdoor Living

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, stone adds the finishing touch. Here are some considerations:

  • Pool coping/stone paving: Quartz and quartzite are ideal for this high-traffic, wet area. Their toughness and slip resistance make them safe and long-lasting.
  • Stone decking: Instead of basic concrete, opt for granite or quartzite for a luxurious poolside experience. Keep in mind, darker stones might absorb more heat.
  • Water features: Stone waterfalls or fountains can use any of these materials. Opt for a light-colored granite or quartzite for a brighter, modern touch.

Note: Hardscaping, such as stone paving and decking, is a great choice for boosting your yard’s appeal and functionality. While we at Stone Central do not offer this service, we still think it’s a great idea for improving your yard. Click here for more information on what specific products we can help you with.

Stonework for Patios

Your patio sets the tone for your yard. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing feel or a festive air, stone can give you the spice that completes your patio experience. Consider these options for your outdoor countertops:

  • Granite countertops: Granite is a classic choice for your kitchen counters or bar tops. It offers fantastic durability to handle South Carolina weather while resisting stains and coming in tons of colors to fit your style.
  • Quartzite countertops:  If you want the ultimate in strength and eye-catching patterns, quartzite is it. This premium stone is even tougher than granite, making it ideal for busy patios. Its natural textures and veining also offer a unique vibe that elevates your space.

Choosing the Right Stone

With so many great choices, the decision comes down to these factors:

  • Durability: Quartzite is the toughness champion, followed closely by granite. While beautiful, marble is a softer stone whose use outdoors should be avoided. If you do use marble, just know it’s going to be high maintenance and there are risks of damage no matter how much care you put into preserving it.
  • Maintenance: Quartzite is the low-upkeep star. Granite needs periodic sealing and marble is most at risk of damage.
  • Style: Match the stone to your home’s feel. Granite offers endless colors and quartzite has colorful veining.
  • Budget: Granite is usually the most affordable. Quartz and quartzite represent premium investments but offer lasting value.

Stonework, especially when paired with a visually complex wood like acacia, adds an eye-popping allure that underscores your home’s sophistication. It also adds a solid surface that resists weathering and can provide a heavy-duty worktop for food preparation and manual labor. Whatever you decide, you’re making a good choice going with stone – especially if you’re looking for something unique and gorgeous.

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