Decorating for New Countertops

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Just got your new countertops installed by Stone Central? Great! Now comes the fun part: decorating for new countertops. We’re talking about some creative ideas for decorating your kitchen or bathroom to make those new countertops feel right at home. From picking the right color schemes to finding the perfect accents, we’ve pulled together tips and tricks to bring your room together beautifully.

These helpful insights come from sources like Home Decor Chit Chat, Jackie Barnes Design, Spacejoy, and Arch Daily, each providing valuable perspectives on the art of combining colors, textures, and materials in interior design.

And at the end of this article, discover our top-10 list of home décor stores in the area.

Color and Texture Harmony

When designing a kitchen or bathroom with new countertops, the harmony between color and texture plays a pivotal role. The choice of countertop material can set the tone for the entire room. Natural stone countertops like granite, marble, and quartzite offer a unique blend of color and pattern, each slab being one-of-a-kind. For example, granite’s durable and speckled appearance can range from warm to cool tones, making it versatile for matching with cabinet colors. Marble, known for its glamorous yet softer look, provides a light canvas that pairs well with more dramatic cabinetry. Quartzite combines the aesthetic appeal of marble with the durability of granite and is perfect for complementing natural wood cabinets.

In contrast, engineered stone countertops, like quartz, offer a wide array of colors ranging from airy whites to bold gemstone hues, providing a modern and customizable option for various interior styles.

Creating Balance

The key is to create a balance between the countertops and other elements of the room, like cabinetry and flooring. Using the color wheel as a guide, one can explore complementary colors for dynamic contrasts or analogous colors for a more serene, harmonious look. Neutral tones like whites, blacks, and grays offer timeless flexibility. The interplay of different textures – be it sleek cabinets with glossy countertops or rustic cabinets with matte surfaces – adds depth and visual interest to the space. The use of natural materials like wood, granite, or marble provides an organic, timeless beauty, while man-made materials like quartz offer modern appeal and customization.

Remember, the goal is to achieve a cohesive look that reflects your personal style while ensuring the space remains functional and also pleasing to the eye.

From Countertops to Complete Design

Once you’ve chosen the perfect countertop, it’s time to think about the overall design of your kitchen or bathroom. This involves considering the interplay of various elements like cabinetry, hardware, lighting, and even the role of natural light in the space. Starting with the countertop can provide a solid foundation for the rest of your design choices.


When selecting cabinets, consider their color, texture, and material in relation to the countertop. For instance, if you have chosen a countertop with a strong pattern or color, you might opt for simpler cabinetry to avoid overwhelming the space. Alternatively, if your countertop is more understated, you might choose cabinets with a bolder color or texture to create a focal point. We’ve seen a gorgeous trend emerging with blue and green cabinetry.


Lighting plays a crucial role as well. The way natural light or artificial lighting interacts with the materials can greatly affect the overall ambiance of the room. For instance, under-cabinet lighting can highlight the colors and patterns of a marble countertop, while pendant lights can create a warm, inviting glow over a granite island.


Backsplashes also serve as a key element in tying together the design. They can either complement or contrast with both the countertops and cabinets, adding an additional layer of texture and color to the space. Consider using a mosaic backsplash that incorporates colors from both the countertop and cabinetry for a harmonious look.

Color Palette

In terms of color palette, it’s generally recommended to stick to three to five complementary shades. This creates a balanced and harmonious kitchen aesthetic. When pairing dark cabinets with countertops, for a striking contrast opt for light-colored countertops like white or beige, or for a more unified look, choose dark countertops with rich tones like black or deep brown.

Decorating For New Countertops:  Accent Pieces

What should you put on your new countertops?  Great question.  According to the Spruce, they put together a list of 18 stylish kitchen counter décor ideas.

Because we’re located in Summerville, South Carolina, we know that our adorable town, and surrounding areas, offer more than a few exceptional home decor spots to round out your new space.  Because now that your countertops are in, the kitchen or bathroom may feel like it’s a whole new room.  And that means it’s time for things like new decorative serving bowls, towels, rugs, framed art and all the other little things that make a house feel like a home.

If you’re ready to shop in store, here are our top 10 best spots for decorating for new countertops.  Know another place that should be on the list? Let us know!

  1. GDC Home – Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant
  2. World Market – Azalea Square Blvd, Summerville    
  3. Piazza Home – Central Avenue, Summerville
  4. Pottery Barn – King Street, Charleston
  5. At Home – Rivers Avenue, North Charleston
  6. Infinger Furniture – Goose Creek Blvd, Goose Creek
  7. Katie Mae’s – W. Richardson Ave, Summerville
  8. Kirkland’s – Rivers Avenue, North Charleston
  9. West Elm – King Street, Charleston
  10. The Village Social – Coleman Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant


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